Chalk on blackboard: 2020 Arctic Frontiers, The Power of Knowledge, Tromsø Norway 26 - 30 January
2020 Arctic Frontiers - The Power of Knowledge.
Chalk-illustrations bonanza.
For this years identity we got to really explore chalk-art, as we handmade approx. 50 chalk illustrations, a chalk-typeface, a animated chalk-opening sequence, stage design, chalk-spray wayfinding – as well as all printed and digital material used in promotion and during for the 4-day streamed conference & side events. 
Chalk illustration of a jellyfish and two puffins
Identity samples. Colours and handmade chalk-typeface.
Overview of chalk illustrations.
Chalk grafitti using stensils for wayfinding aorund the city.
Social media banners with chalk on blackboard for side events during the conference.
Banners used on screen outside the conference.
Mockup of magazines.
Poster and Lanyard design.
Isometric view of social media posts.
Photography from the construction of stage design.
Closeup stage design.
Photo of stage with panel and audience.
Photo of stage with panel and audience from distance with chalk typography saying "Thanks for watching".

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